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Wash without Water stands as a product line at the basis of our division Healthcare.

Simple care technology, a solution for a handling that needs to be done every day within the healthcare, washing and taking care of the patient or client. We sell this product line very successfully within more than 10 countries and consists out of impregnated wipes, mitts, shower cap and varieties in this matter.

These products make wash basins, water, soap, shampoo, towels, mitts and lotion superfluous. Everything is in one packaging. Ideal for where Hygiene & Infection prevention is a hot topic. Besides it also saves time and is very cost efficient.

The target Group for this product line is very broad, like ICU”s, gynecology, geriatric, homecare, nursing-/elderly homes and palliative care.

We do develop continuously new innovative products which are synergetic to the current assortment. You can think about cleaning mitts for easily and effective cleaning of the devices and products present in an ambulance. Cleaning wipes for plasma screens, surgical glasses or oxygen masks.

In cooperation with our client we determine the product line and introduce new developments which is in that particular country or local market needed or demanded.

We do produce under private label of our customers as well we can offer products under the suppliers brand.

For an American company Britts-Care has the exclusivity of the ProneView®, a protective helmet to be used with patients who are operated on their abdomen. This helmet with disposable inlay cushion devides the pressure points in the face which prevents for example damaging of the eye nerve due to long surgery and laying on the eye. By the mirror on which the ProneView® is placed the anesthesiologist can view the eyes of the patient and check continuously if the face is positioned in the right way.


For an overview of our total assortment kindly take a look in our e-catalogue.

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