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Also your pet deserves the best care. For you as a veterinarian or for you giving daily care to your pet, for both we offer a nice range of products.

We developed the so called Wash without Water concept for the pet and veterinarian market. Washing or in between cleaning of the pet is most of the time very prolix and demands a lot of energy of the pet as well of the care giver.

With the use of our products you don't have to use water, shampoo and towels anymore. It is an all-in-one concept packed in one convenient packaging. The impregnated mitts makes it easy to clean for example the paws of the dog after a walk outside. The eye and ear wipes makes these gentle areas easy to clean and the teeth wipes easily removes the dirt from the teeth and give a fresh breath.

For the veterinarian we offer next to these care products also concepts to work hygienic within the clinic, like Nitril examination gloves, face masks and aprons.

Our product range can be viewed in our e-catalogue. Or take a look at www.hupple.com for more information about our care products.

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