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The skin, our largest organ, deserves the best care.

One of our largest production facilities is a very distinguished company, a prominent supplier for skin care products. They are a multinational specialized in all kind of anti aging, skin care and health products.

They have a very innovative R&D department that continuously developes new high-grade products following the trends and demands of the (local) markets. They put the norm by their medical know-how and advanced pharmaceutical technology. This way we offer our customers the best of both worlds: science and nature.

Our supplier produces more than 1.000 products with the features: innovation, very high quality, research and flexibility.

Due to our cooperation, we can offer you only the best, a very wide product range, eventually produced under your own private label. Categories are:

  • Impregnated wipes, mitts, shower caps and all kind of varieties. We offer many different kind of wipes for different kind of applications
  • Alcohol gels, vitamin preparations, eye-care sterile wipes and other more specialized products
  • Amazing productline for maternity, baby's, kids
  • Body Shop products produced for the shops in the country of production

In our e-catalogue you can find some of the products from this wide range. For more information and possibilities kindly contact us at any time.

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